| May Favorites |

The is the first installment of my new series of monthly inspirational favorites! Each month, I will be sharing with you some of my all-time favorite materials as well as any great things I discovered that month! This first post contains a combination of old favorites as well as some new ones. Feel free to comment below what books, sermons, teachings, videos, or songs have been inspiring you lately!

These three books have truly shaped who I am not only as a Christian, but as a human being.

ºCaptivatingThis book, by John and Stasi Eldredge, is an amazing read for those struggling with their sense of self. Each and every chapter is geared to help the reader understand who they were made to be and what their identity is in Christ. This book truly changed the way that I view myself as well as the way that I view other women. I would totally recommend this book for personal reading and reflection, for a book club, a women’s Bible Study, or for a mother and daughter to read together. If you’re looking for materials for said groups, John and Stasi have provided a DVD set, a leader’s guide, and a study guide to aid larger groups. | This book is also available on Amazon as well as at Barnes and Noble! |

º The Power of a Praying WomanThis book is another one of my all-time favorites because of its explanation of the power of prayer. I know that sometimes it is easy to doubt if God is truly listening to all of the things you pray. However, this book not only encouraged me to continue those conversations with God, but it also inspired me to not be afraid to ask for big things from God. I strongly recommend this book as well as another other “The Power of a Praying…” series of books that Stormie Omartian has written.

º Everyday Church: This book was actually on my list of required reading materials for my classes at Liberty University. I was surprised at how these authors were able to expand my understanding of what true “church” is. Not only do they use easy-to-read language but they also use Scripture to show how the Bride of Christ should truly be functioning in today’s world. | This book is also available here! |


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