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| Protect & Preserve | 

This Mario Badescu daily moisturizer has become a favorite of mine because of its ability to not only preserve the moisture of my skin but also to protect against sun damage/wrinkles and fine lines because of its SPF content and unique collagen formula.

ºCollagen Mositurizer SPF 15, although lightweight, offers an antioxidant-infused hydration with a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It contains collagen and cottonseed oil (which is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids). These ingredients work together to support your skin’s firmness and elasticity as well as helping your complexion appear plumper and smoother. Although we only think to use SPF during the summer months, it’s SO important to protect your skin year-round.

This product is also available at Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Ulta.

      Although we only think to use sun protection and SPF during the hot summer months, it is SO important to protect your skin year-round and to use products that help prevent wrinkles even in your early 20s!


Comment down below what your favorite SPF skin care products are!


| Summer Essentials – Baby Edition|

ATTENTION ALL MOMMIES (and anyone with small children!)

    I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t believe summer is already coming!” Well have no fear! These summer essentials will allow you to breathe a little bit easier knowing you have products that you can depend on throughout the coming months!

º Tinksky Leather Backpack/Diaper Bag: [bottom left] I used to carry around a diaper bag that was super cute but was also big and bulky. This synthetic leather backpack (that doubles as a diaper bag) is easy to carry and acts as a cheaper alternative to the honest brand diaper bag. I find that even though they are smaller, I am still able to fit everything I need for a day out with my son. These backpacks come in various colors and are available for free shipping via your amazon prime account! If you’re planning on taking trips to the mall, to the zoo, or to the local pool this summer, then I strongly suggest you purchase this bag!

º Baseball CapIt is finally time to ditch those scratchy, sweaty knit beanies and purchase some baseball caps for your baby this summer! I find that not only do baseball caps protect my son’s scalp from the sun, but also the bill of the cap protects his face! I love having the peace of mind that his head is protected from sunburn! While I could not find the exact hat pictured, I’ve included links to various affordable baseball caps! Also, if you have a baby girl and want them to wear something other than a baseball cap, I’ve linked some sun hats as well!

Spring Cap        Pineapple Print Trucker Hat     Sun Cap

Polka Dot Sun Hat     White Sun Hat     Reversible Sun Hat

º Bubbles: If you’re looking for a simple activity to entertain your baby that leaves little to no mess, look no further! You can purchase bubbles anywhere and they provide your baby with hours of fun! Not only that, but also buying your baby (or toddler) some bubbles gives you a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather!

º Sunscreen: If you purchase nothing else from this post, PLEASE purchase your son or daughter some sunscreen. While there are many brands to choose from, including some organic brands, I have found that the Coppertone Water Babies Lotion Spray with SPF 50 works best for my son! I love this product because it’s easy to spray on your child without the mess of lathering them up and it is water resistant so it’s perfect for a day at the pool!

| Please be sure to wait until your baby is at least 6 months of age before applying ANY sunscreen |

º CAT Dump Truck: Sometimes it can be difficult to find a toy that will be able to transition through various ages with your growing child. This CAT truck is the perfect solution to that problem! I find that my 8 month old loves to play with the blocks in this truck set and I know that as he grows, he will be able to push it around and play outside in the dirt with it. This is a great purchase for both sitting babies and for busy toddlers. |For a more affordable option, click here! |

Comment below your summer essentials! I would love to hear from you!